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Just an hour’s drive from New York City, standing on a hilltop overlooking the Hudson River and the surrounding forests, Castle Hotel&Spa is one of the world’s premiere destinations. We took over management of the hotel in 2010. Built more than 100 years ago in the style of a medieval castle, the Castle has been completely renovated, boasting lavish guestrooms featuring gorgeous hand-crafted furniture made by master German furniture craftsmen. Taking the traditions of Scotland and Ireland as the theme, the Castle’s atmosphere is both warmly welcoming and grandly elegant.

Offering the world-class service and hospitality for which the Sankara brand is known and featuring Tomoharu Takei as executive chef, the Castle lets you enjoy not only first-class treatment, but also some of the world’s finest cuisine, all in a one-of-a-kind setting that is both memorable and inspirational.

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Tomoharu Takei, Executive Chef

Born in Gunma, Japan, in 1966, Tomoharu Takei went to France at the age of 28 after training at Chez Inno Taillevent Robuchon. There he refined his culinary skills, working at 3-star restaurants such as Joel Robuchon and Troigros. Returning to Japan in 1998, he served as executive chef at Mikuni Marunouchi, later becoming executive chef at an auberge in Izu. Subsequently, he took over as executive chef at Sankara Hotel & Spa, where he established Sankara Cuisine, based on the concept of using locally sourced products as much as possible. Now in 2012, he is taking up a new challenge with New York as his stage.