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Officially opening its doors in March 2009 on Yakushima Island in Kagoshima ? a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima is the first stage in the development of a full-fledged luxury resort hotel business called Sankara Resorts.

With 13 villas scattered around a huge site in the heart of Yakushima’s legendary natural beauty, this resort offers privacy, peace, tranquility, and a chance to commune with nature.

In addition to the impressive style and appearance of its exterior and interior designs, as well as its furniture and fixtures, Sankara Hotel & Spa offers outstanding, world-class service. Here you can enjoy authentic French cuisine that takes full advantage of local delicacies from the land and sea and relax after exploring Yakushima’s legendary forests in a spa that is the first in Japan to be been authorized by the Asia Herb Association.

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Establishment of the Sankara Fund for the conservation of nature on Yakushima

Home to ancient forests and some of the world’s oldest trees, Yakushima Island has been designated a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO. To help preserve Yakushima’s unique natural environment, Hirakawa Shoji set up a special fund ? the Sankara Fund. A donation of 500 yen is collected from each guest who stays at the Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima. A portion of the hotel’s revenue is also contributed to the fund once a year.